FREE ENTRY  - This entry allows the seller to enter a vehicle into two consecutive sales but if a vehicle remains unsold after two attempts, the seller must reduce the reserve or remove it from the sale premises.

    Commission is payable by sellers on each vehicle calculated at the rate of 5% of the sale price, plus VAT subject to a minimum charge per vehicle of £50, inclusive of VAT.





    Buyer's Premium or Indemnity is payable on the purchase price of all vehicles calculated at the rate of 7.5% on the first £4,000 of the purchase price, plus 5% on the balance of the purchase price over £4,000, plus VAT if applicable, subject to a minimum charge of £50, plus VAT.

    VAT is payable in addition to the purchase price of commercial vehicles as announced by the Auctioneer at the time of sale.

    Vehicles sold on behalf of liquidators, receivers and bailiffs etc will be sold subject to commission on the purchase price at the rate announced at the time of sale.



    Payment must be made by cash, credit or debit cards, banker's draft or building society cheque. Credit cards attract a 2.5% surcharge.

    Part payments or deposits must be 10% of the sale price, subject to a minimum of £100, the balance to be paid to the auctioneers by 5pm on the day following the sale.

    Purchasers not known to the auctioneers must provide at least two forms of identity e.g. passport, photo driving licence, bank statement, utility bill etc.

    In no circumstances may any vehicle leave the sale premises until it has been paid for in full.



    1.     The highest bidder for each vehicle will be the purchaser and no bid may be retracted but in the event of any dispute between bidders, at the Auctioneer's discretion, the vehicle may be re-offered for sale and sold to the next highest bidder.

    2.     The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse the bid of any person without publicly or privately giving any reason.

    3.     The Auctioneers will regulate the conduct of the sale and the size and increments of the bids and may bid as agent for purchasers who have placed commission bids on vehicles. The Auctioneer's decision will be final on all matters relating to the sale.

    4.     The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse any transfer of a purchase and if so, the bidder at the time of sale will be responsible for payment for the vehicle in full.

    5.     All vehicles will be sold without reserve unless the owner confirms a reserve price in writing to the Auctioneers before the sale commences.

    6.     All purchasers will register with the Auctioneers prior to the sale commencing by providing their full names and addresses as well as two forms of identification and will be issued with a bidding number.

    7.     The risk of all Lots shall remain with the owners until passed to the purchasers upon full payment or a deposit. Purchasers will remove vehicles from the sale premises at their own expense and on the day of sale unless other arrangements have been made with the Auctioneers.

    8.     If a purchaser fails to comply with any of the Terms & Conditions, any deposit payment or payment on account of the purchase price will be forfeited and the vehicle will remain the property of the seller together with such part of the deposit or payment on account which remains after the Auctioneers have deducted their full commission and charges from the original hammer price. The Auctioneers will be entitled, without the owner's consent or approval, to sue the purchaser for any loss and expense incurred in connection with a resale of the vehicle.

    9.     All vehicles sold for under £1,000 are automatically sold without warranty. Any warranty given with any vehicle shall be that which is defined and announced by the Auctioneer at the time of the sale and is given by the Auctioneer only as agent for the seller.

    10.  Any claim against warranties given must be made within 24 hours following the end of the sale. All claims against warranties provided must be made to the Auctioneers in writing.

    11.  If a disagreement arises between buyer and seller regarding the mechanical condition, age or conformity to any warranty given by the seller, the Auctioneers may appoint a qualified person to examine and test the vehicle and the report of such a person shall be final and binding. The cost of the test to be paid for by the party at fault.

    12.  Any dispute or claim by a purchaser will be against the seller only. The Auctioneers are agents for the seller and in no circumstances will be held liable.

    13.  Any vehicle returned as a result of a dispute relating to warranted vehicles has to be taken back by the seller and the seller shall pay the Auctioneers' commission as if the sale has been completed and where flagrant breaches of warranty arise (of which the Auctioneers will be sole and final judges), the seller's commission charge will be doubled and payable by the seller before the vehicle is returned.

    14.  The Auctioneers' commission will be payable by sellers of vehicles, brought to the sale premises, if either sold by the Auctioneers publicly or privately or if the vehicle is sold privately by the owner to any person who was present at the sale within a period of 72 hours afterwards.

    15.  The sale of vehicles is subject to availability and the Auctioneers accept no responsibility for the expense or loss of potential purchasers if vehicles which have been advertised are not present or offered for sale.

    16.  The Auctioneers are under no obligation to supply Registration Documents, MOT Certificates or Plating Certificates on the day of the sale but if it is announced that they are available, they will be posted to purchasers within 48 hours.

    17.  Sellers must notify the Auctioneers if any vehicles being entered into the sale are subject to Hire Purchase or any other finance or loan agreements. In addition, sellers must notify the auctioneers if any vehicles have been subject to a total loss insurance claim.

    18.  The mileage recorded on the odometer or speedometer of any vehicle is stated at the time of sale but must be assumed to be incorrect unless specifically stated by the Auctioneers as being warranted, such warranty is given on behalf of the seller. 


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